Adult Small Groups

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We provide a variety of different formatted adult classes both on Sunday mornings as well as Wednesday evenings.

We invite you to come and find one that works for you.


Sunday (10:00am):

Room #1: Upper Room Study Group (all ages)
Facilitators: Tom & Melanie Pilkerton
Description: Discussion questions taken from the previous Wednesday devotion in the “Upper Room” booklet.

Room #2: Walk with Jesus Study Group (all ages)
Facilitators: Wendell & Leann Moles
Description: “The Cross”

Room #4: Cross Training Study Group (all ages)
Facilitator: Rip Coker
Description: Group discussions and questions taken from the Bible.

Room #9: Colossians 110 Study Group (all ages)
Facilitators: Bradley & Diane Morris
Description: “Follow” by Andy Stanley

Wednesday Night (6:30pm):


Room #1: “Waiting on the Lord”
Led By: Sharon Hamilton and Nikki Thomas

Room #2: “Genesis: A Walk with Jesus from the Garden to Egypt”
Led By: Fred Blake

Room #4: “How to Lead Like Jesus”
Led By: Jay and Katie Griffin

Room #9: “1Peter: A Living Hope in Christ- A Women’s Study”
Led By: Dawn Sorrell

Fellowship Hall: “Ephesians: Unpacking God’s Word and Practical Bible Study”
Led By: Michael Miller

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